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Project Case (3)


Project Case Three

Daily Capacity of Raw Iron Ore


Daily Capacity of Iron Concentrate


Grade of Raw Iron Ore


Grade of Concentrate


Project Simple Description

Transform of old mineral beneficiation plant (of over 10 years): We cooperated with this company from 2013, the conditions of capital construction is limited because of the old plant. Main Equipment: 4 Ball Mills of MQY2130 and another 4 Ball Mills of MQY1557, the magnetic induction intensity of Magnetic Separator couldnt be changed, so we changed crushing and screening system according to its geographical position, as a result, the concentration ratio increased from 15/16:1 to 7:1, and the concentrate capacity increased from 150-180 tons/day to 500 tons/day. Whats more, this customer found us again in 2017 to help him improve the concentrate capacity, we changed the technology process further, and added separate magnetic separation and screening & upgrade workshops, and also did some changes in crushing system. Up to now, the concentration ratio is about 5:1, and the concentrate capacity is about 600 tons/day to 700 tons/day.