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Practical coup for rapid increase of output of bal

issuing time:2020-04-13

Ball mill is an important equipment that is indispensable for ore grinding. It is composed of multiple parts. At the same time, the grinding fineness also helps to improve the output of sorting.

Generally speaking, there are three direct ways to increase the output of the ball mill:

1. Add a crusher before the mill;

2. Improve the grinding system and improve the grinding efficiency;

3. Add efficient powder sorting machine.

Everyone knows that the ball mill is the key equipment for crushing materials after being crushed. It is widely used in the production industries of cement, silicate products, new building materials, fertilizers, non-ferrous metals and glass ceramics. It can dry or wet grinding various ores and other grindable materials. Fine grinding before grinding is a prerequisite, powder selection after grinding is guaranteed, and transformation within the mill is fundamental. The fine crushing before grinding greatly reduces the particle size of the grinding material, thereby reducing the load of the grinding system; the most direct benefit of the improvement of the powder selection efficiency is that the fine powder of the finished product is selected in time to the greatest extent, reducing the powder return rate of the finished cement product The load of the mill; the internal transformation of the mill, that is, the improvement of the grinding system, is the most fundamental solution. The particle size of the incoming material is reduced and the efficiency of powder selection is improved. If the efficiency of the grinding system is low, it will not only affect the output of the ball mill, but also affect the quality of the product.


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