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Equipment characteristics of disc tailings recover

issuing time:2020-08-05

In the introduction of what are the characteristics of the disc tailings recovery equipment, we have learned some unknown problems or knowledge, but we are still relatively unfamiliar with the industry in which "Tangshan Hongen Technology Co., Ltd." is located. Today Let's take a look:

1. Large processing capacity, high recovery rate and low water consumption.

Due to the use of a composite magnetic system composed of technologies such as magnetization, the depth of the magnetic field around the disk is reached. The field strength is high and the gradient is large. Compared with other similar products on site, the recovery volume is 2-3 times that of it.

2. Easy to unload, and the magnetic block is not worn.

Using moving magnetic field technology, under the action of water impulse, the mineral powder will automatically gather close to the outer edge of the disk with the help of the magnetic force of the moving magnetic field. Since the outer edge of the disk is the same magnetic pole, the scraper is easy to scrape according to the principle of magnetic field repulsion. Scrape it off and leave a protective layer on the magnetic surface.

3. Simple structure and low energy consumption

Using ordinary cycloidal pinwheel reducer, no complicated speed control system and complicated induction disc discharge device, energy saving 5%-25% than similar products, optimized mechanical structure tailings, what are the characteristics of the disc tailings recovery equipment It overcomes the disadvantages of loosening of the disk and spindles caused by unloading from the top of the disk.

4. Long service life

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The main purpose is to clean and recycle the waste of mining equipment and mineral processing, and the recovery rate has reached a new level. It is produced by a single machine with a unique method (it can also be used with mills, mills and other equipment) to save the most. National mineral resources. The equipment is characterized by excellent materials, reasonable design structure, convenient operation and high economic return rate. The magnetic field layout of the tailings recovery machine: the magnetic pole spacing of the disk is small, and there is no zero magnetic area between the disk and the disk. The tailings recovery machine unloading: the unloading is a non-contact forced unloading, and there is a protective layer of powder on the surface of the disk, and there is no surface of the disk. Wear and tear, the life of the whole machine is 8-10 times that of the conventional type, and it also improves the grade of the recovered magnetic minerals. The tailings recovery machine has a large processing capacity: the machine is specially designed for tailings reprocessing, and its structure has a large processing capacity. The flow rate and the characteristics of low-grade tailings are several times or even ten times the processing capacity of the existing drum type magnetic machine. The tailings recovery machine has a high recovery rate: all the materials passing between the disks are affected by the magnetic field, and the performance The minerals are fully recovered, and the recovery rate is high. The tailings recovery machine saves water: Due to the unique field layout, the magnetic mineral contains a lot of water in the stomach, and the discharged minerals are in a fluid state. Basically, it can be supplemented with no water or a small amount Water. Energy-saving of tailings recovery machine: a disc-type tailings recovery processing other common equipment single recovery tailings recovery machine production method is several times or even ten times the amount of production, the installed capacity is only a few kilowatts, so it saves electricity The effect is obvious. The tailings recovery machine is easy to install: the disc type tailings recovery machine has a large processing capacity, a small area, and a small difference in in and out of the material. It can basically be installed where there is a tail chute. The tailings recovery machine has high economic benefits : The equipment investment is small and the output efficiency is high. The annual output efficiency is generally several times or even ten times that of the equipment investment.

Through the introduction of this article, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of "What are the characteristics of disc tailings recovery equipment". If you want to know about tailings recovery machine, tailings recovery equipment manufacturing, Tangshan Hongen Technology Co., Ltd. and other related Of knowledge, please contact us!


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