Do you know how the tailings reclaimer recovers titanium concentrate?

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The development of many industries in life is inseparable from the tailings recycling machine. Sometimes some industries have their own brands in their fields. Today, I would like to introduce Tangshan Hongen Technology Co., Ltd

The tailings reclaimer uses tailings as raw materials to obtain coarse titanium concentrate after a section of strong magnetic tailing with a magnetic field strength of 1300 A. After one stage closed circuit grinding, the coarse titanium ore is subjected to weak magnetic iron sweeping, and then the second stage strong magnetic field with a magnetic field strength of 750 A is fed to obtain titanium concentrate. The reagent is added and recycled after the separation operation of "one coarse and four fine" of the tailings reclaimer. Do you know how the tailings reclaimer recovers titanium concentrate? It becomes finished titanium concentrate after drying. The key technologies for recovering titanium concentrate by tailings reclaimer are magnetic separation technology, classification technology and flotation technology.

Mainly, the waste from mineral processing of mining equipment is re cleaned and recycled, and the recovery rate has reached a new level. It is produced by a single machine in a unique way, which (can also be used with mills, grinders and other equipment) saves the national mineral resources to the maximum extent. This equipment has excellent materials, reasonable design structure, convenient operation, high economic returns. Do you know what the production mode of special tailings reclaimer is. Magnetic field layout of tailings reclaimer: magnetic pole spacing of disk is small, and there is no zero magnetic zone between disks Tailings reclaimer ore unloading: the ore unloading is non-contact forced ore unloading. A layer of powder protection layer is left on the disk surface, and the disk surface is free of wear. The service life of the whole machine is 8-10 times that of the conventional type, which also improves the grade of the recovered magnetic minerals Large processing capacity of tailings reclaimer: this machine is specially designed for tailings re concentration, and its structure has the characteristics of processing large flow and low-grade tailings, which is several times or even more than ten times of the processing capacity of the existing barrel type magnetic machine High recovery rate of tailings reclaimer: all materials passing between disks are subject to magnetic field, and roller minerals are fully recovered with high recovery rate Water saving of tailings reclaimer: due to the unique field layout, the magnetic mineral contains a large amount of water in the stomach, and the unloaded mineral presents a flowing state, which can basically be mixed with no water or a small amount of make-up water Therefore, the electricity saving effect is obvious. The tailing reclaimer is easy to install: the disk type tailing reclaimer has large processing capacity, small land occupation, and small level difference between the incoming and outgoing materials. It can be installed basically where there is a tail chute. The tailing reclaimer has high economic benefits: small equipment investment, high output benefits, and the annual output benefits are generally several times or even more than ten times of the equipment investment

The above points are about "Do you know what the production mode of tailings reclaimer is?" I believe that after reading the introduction of this article, I will have my own understanding of this aspect, and problems such as tailings reclaimer can be solved well in the future. Here, we recommend you to know more about tailings reclaimer, Tangshan Hongen Technology Co., Ltd. and other relevant information, and hope it can help you!

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