Working principle of tailings dry discharge

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Tailings dry discharge definition

Tailings dry discharge is a new tailings disposal process that has gradually emerged in China in recent years. It refers to the tailings slurry output from the beneficiation process, after multistage concentration, is processed by high-efficiency dehydration equipment such as dehydration vibrating screen to form slag with small water content, easy to be solidified and stored on the site. The slag can be transferred to a fixed location for dry stockpiling.

Reasons for dry discharge of tailings

Tailings, one of the products of the separation operation in mineral processing, have the lowest content of useful components. Under the current technical and economic conditions, ores that are not suitable for further separation are also the final tailings.

The lowest content of ingredients does not mean the lowest value. Tailings are considered by experts to be an important treasure with great excavation potential and high secondary utilization. Leaving aside the benefit value it can bring, the massive accumulation of tailings requires a large tailings pond, which will cause great environmental pollution, and also easily lead to dam break accidents of tailings dams, bringing potential safety hazards. Therefore, it is urgent for tailings to be drained dry

More people will pay attention to:

In recent years, due to the provisions of national policies, iron tailings are required to be treated to reduce the floor area of the iron tailings pond and the threat to nearby residents caused by the collapse of the iron tailings pond, reduce the pollution to the environment, achieve the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction, and protect the deep forest vegetation. The current iron tailings treatment equipment, such as filter press, thickener and other iron tailings treatment equipment, has high investment and low return.

Dehydration screen has a good effect on iron tailings treatment. Generally, the iron tailings slurry with a concentration of 18% - 30% can reach a solid content of more than 85% on the screen after being treated by dehydration screen, and even some coarse sand iron tailings can reach more than 90%, which can reach dry stacking. Some of the water under the screen can also reach the effect of recycling after sedimentation.

Introduction to dewatering screen

(1) The operation track of the screen box is straight, with low relative energy consumption, high dehydration rate, convenient installation and adjustment, and easy replacement.

(2) The power device of the dewatering screen has two forms: ordinary motor drives the vibration exciter through the coupling and the motor drives the dewatering screen of the dry tailings discharge ({smaller model) due to vibration.

(3) The screen surface of dehydration screen is made of nylon, stainless steel, polyurethane and other materials, which can be selected according to the actual situation of materials and users.

Working principle of dewatering screen

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