Lamination High Frequency Vibrating Screen

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Applications & Features: 

1. It can be applied to iron ore and ilmenite concentrate. Besides, its high screening efficiency and significant undersize product enrichment effect can improve the concentrate grade by 1%~3%. Besides, the improvement of classification efficiency thickens the average particle size of the concentrate, which improves the filtering conditions and reduces the filter cake moisture by 0.5% ~ 1%. 

2. Some kind of ore which is fragile and has a high specific weight such as tungsten, tin, tantalum can be classified by spiral classifier, swirler or their combination, which can significantly reduce the useful mineral grinding, improve the efficiency of processing, improve the recovery rate by 8% ~ 15%, and at the same time increase the processing capacity of the grinding system about 20 ~ 30% above. 

3. For glass raw materials quartz, feldspar grade rod mill products, wide edges and corners, belongs to screen material, the high frequency vibrating fine screen can stably produce qualified products. 

4. Kaolin concentrator is used to control the granularity of the final product or high gradient magnetic separator before the thick insulation. 

The Main Technical Parameters: 

Grain degree of separation: 0.074 mm or more 

Feed concentration degrees: 25 ~ 50% (according to the nature of the material) 

Handle: 30 ~ 300 tons/(separation size different processing) 

Feed way: three, four, five 

Screen surface inclination Angle: 20 ~ 30 ° (according to separation size) 

Screen hole diameter: according to the separation size and material properties determine the mesh size 

The noise sound: ~ 80 decibels 

Using the environment temperature: no more than 20 ~ 40 ℃ 1044 * 702 

Vibration of electric machine: - 50 hz, 230 v / 400 v three-phase, imported 

Electric vibrator vibration force: 0 ~ 80000 n, adjustable 

Embellish lubricating oil: special high temperature oil %, at the same time increase the processing capacity of the grinding system about 20 ~ 30% above. 

Lamination High Frequency Vibrat

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