Diaphragm Automatic Filter Press

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Uses and features: 

Our diaphragm pressure filter produced by proxy has many advantages such as high squeezing pressure, diaphragm with a long service life. There are two squeezing forms which are gas pressure and liquid pressure, that can meet the needs of different industries. Control interface can adopt PLC and the human body. For general materials, diaphragm tympanic membrane 3-15 minutes later can fully play the role of pressing dehydration. For some special materials, it need adopt a section method that is the first low pressure squeezing and then the high-pressure squeezing 


1.Obviously shorten the filtering operation time, in the filtering later period, filtration efficiency is extremely low, utilizing the diaphragm crushing function, this process can be finished within a very short time, so the efficiency is greatly improved. 

2. At present, it is applied to all kinds of tailings dry processing such as chemical industry, coal and mineral processing, the on-site applying effect is very good, the water in the tailings is less than 20%, water clarity is equal to tap water, recycling using effect is very obvious. 

Diaphragm Automatic Filter Press

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