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The high efficient cone crusher of KP series is widely used in metal mining, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, construction industry, cement and sand industry, etc. Suitable for all kinds of ores and rocks which are of medium and finely type as well as whose hardness is f = s - 16 such as iron ore, non-ferrous metals ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, pebbles, etc. 

Structure features: 

Its main structure includes feeding hopper, upper frame, dynamic cone part, frame, ejection hopper, a transmission axis, triangle belt, motor and so on. The auxiliary equipment has hydraulic lubrication station, electric control cabinet, etc. There are many types of KP series high-efficiency cone crushing cavity, the users can choose corresponding type according to their different needs. 

The crusher that our company researches by ourselves cooperates with automation to make production and operation more convenient. Nowadays, automatic control which is a new feature of the crushing equipment plays an increasingly important role in the development of crushing crafts, in most of the models, has been as a standard unit and greatly improved the efficiency and operation efficiency of a crusher. Automation control device ensures the crusher is full of feed, improves the utilization rate of lining board, improves the quality of the final product by strengthening laminate crushing between particles and makes the automation system can maintain maximum crushing efficiency within the secure scope. 

Automation control device can also record production data and crushing performance, provide 24 hours running trend curve, as a result, improve the ability to record information. The automatic control device can do analysis and adjustment according to the variation of process and reduce the calibration capacity of discharging mouth.

Working principle: 

It applies and realizes the laminated crushing which can make the materials crush not only between particles and lining boards, but also between particle and particle. Squeezing between particles, flat long- strip particles along its weak section break, every rock particle have been broken many times in the crushing cavity. Finally, granularities tend to be more cubic.

Product features: 

KP series high efficient cone crusher is an efficient crusher designed by our company according to American technology and the international performance of metal materials and design. It has the following features: 

High efficiency: Both the up side and down side of its main shaft are supported, can bear greater crushing force and larger stroke, plus special corresponding to the principle of laminated crushing cavity, make the machine has a higher crushing efficiency.

Large production capacity: the machine perfectly combines and designs the crushing stroke, breaking speed and crushing cavity shape. Under the circumstance that the moving cone big end’ diameter is equal, its producing capacity is higher 35% ~ 60% than the old spring cone’ 

High quality stones: this machine applies the specific crushing cavity type as well as the principle of laminating crushing, crushing effect between particles, so that the finished product in the cube is significantly higher, the proportion of needle flake stone reduces, the grade is more uniform. 

Various types of the medium and fine crushing will be available just by changing the moving cone 

The hydraulic and lubrication system controlled by double insurance ensure the machine overload protection and good bearing lubrication. 

Maintenance: simple and compact structure, stable performance and hard to fault, convenient and rapid maintenance, low maintenance cost. 

Superior performance and long service life. 

Technical parameters of KP100 series cone crusher

The crushing cavity type

Medium type:

MC = Medium Cavity C= Coarse EC = super thick 

Finely type: 

EEF = more superfine EF = superfine EFX = subtle fine F=fine MF =less medium M = medium MC =medium C = Coarse CX = Less fine EC = super coarse 

Mobile Cone Crusher

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